Hey Storm 8 users, I'm here as a long time user of many of the LIVE titles, including pets, mobsters, world war, vampires, and most importantly kingdoms. I'm currently at level 216, and I've spent plenty of money on the game. Many of you can relate to how frustating it is losing so many hours of your time and all the effort and relationships we've all built up over the years.

Storm 8 is a very busy company, we mustn't blame them for ditching the games. It's just business, games that don't drive revenue aren't worth keeping - to them. But for me they are, that's why I proposed to fully maintain the storm 8 suite of games. I'm a slight mobile developer and I know an immense amount about coding, webmastering, and more importantly the storm 8 community.

I could easily rid the games of the annoying spammers flooding our message walls, and rid the games of cheating. It isn't a hard task and then hopefully the community would start to return.

You might be wondering why storm 8 would just "give me the game." Well I realized this, so I offered to even get a legal contract written up, where they would get 100% of the in-app purchases made from any of the games, and I would still pay for all the expenses.

That sounds too good to be true from their end, correct? They get the money, none of the expenses, and maintain a positive relationship with there old userbase. Well unfortunately my email has yet to be returned, and my thread on the support forums was completely junked.

I'm not sure what to think at this point but I really hope they reconsider. If you haven't heard of thepetition for storm 8 check it out right now.

If you would like to contact me do so at, or skype with inv.olution